The price is dependant on the quantity ordered (obviously the greater the quantity the lower the price). Hence if you are looking to purchase only say 25 chairs then the price will be at the top end of the guide and if you were looking to purchase 100+ then the price will be towards the bottom end. Where fabrics are used price guide is based on £12/m. Price is excluding VAT. Please note minimum order quantities may apply.

Please call 01325 378 307 for a firm quotation.

Please note: We do not supply to domestic customers


The Price Range scale shows the total range of prices in a product range.

It gives an idea of the cost of the cheapest up to the most expensive in a range of products in this tab.

Price range

Table Height Guide

Most of our tables can be made to any height. Please use the following guide as a visual indication of how the heights can vary.

  • Fir Bench
  • Fir Bench
  • Fir Bench
  • Fir Bench
  • Massive Fir wood
  • wax stained / aniline stained (black/ white)
  • Matching table available
  • Made to contract in Italy
  • 3D model is available
  • Supplied ONLY to the contract market
Back Height
Back Height: 450mm
Chair Depth
Bench Depth: 1700mm
Chair Width
Bench Width: 400mm
Fabric: 0m
Weight: 8.20kg
Price Guide:
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