5 minutes with… Hannah Paxton

5 Minutes with... Hannah Paxton

Each month, we will be sitting down and spending 5 minutes with a member of the Hill Cross team, gain a bit of insight as to what there role is within the company and to launch, we are starting with our very own Hannah Paxton… 

Lets start with the questions…


How long have you been with Hill Cross Furniture?  

Almost 2 years


What is your Job Title?  

Business Development Manager


How do you describe your job to your family?  

Promoting the Hill Cross brand far and wide throughout the UK whilst building great relationships with architects and designers.


What do you need to start your day?  

Coffee, coffee and more coffee… and maybe a cinnamon bagel (but only on a Friday!)


What are 3 things you couldn’t do your job without… and WHY?  

Vicky Andrew, our fabulous project co-ordinator for being the fountain of all knowledge, Outlook Tasks: to keep me super organised whether I’m on a train, tube or walking very quickly through a bustling city centre! And finally… my phone because I love to talk!


And finally – what are you listening too at the moment?  

Lewis Capaldi, the man of the moment and sounding pretty great!


Thanks for your time Hannah, Keep and eye out for next months ‘5 Minutes With…’

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