Marble Table Tops

Marble table tops have been around since the first tables, reserved for the kings, queens, emperors and pharaohs of the past; they can now be found along every high street taking prime position in restaurants, cafes and bars and there is good reason for this: Marble may look expensive, but it’s relatively affordable in comparison to other natural stone (and over its lifespan) Easy to clean, it’s a durable material and has a high level of resistance to scratching and chipping Heat resistant properties mean marble is more resistant to... Read More

Poseur Tables

Pronounced ‘Po-zur’, a poseur table is simply a taller table. Designed to be used whilst standing or in conjunction with bar stools to create an elevated seating arrangement. They are commonly found in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bistros and offer somewhere for people to place their drinks while chatting and socialising. Often used in conference and event spaces they are ideal for creating a relaxed networking environment. Available in many styles, materials and finishes, there is a poseur table to suit any style and environment. Here we break down some... Read More

Bistro Tables & Chairs: Styles & Options For The Contract Market

From humble beginnings in the small Parisian restaurants, to their use in trendy and modern venues, the bistro table is a firm staple for contract dining furniture. A perfect option for cafes, restaurants and bars looking for smaller more cost effective dining tables that offer practical and flexible options all while maintaining stylish details and diner comfort, the Bistro table isn’t going anywhere and will still be used in years to come.

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Tennants Auctioneers: An interior for discerning tastes

With over 100 specialist collectors’ auctions a year, Tennants, the family-run auctioneers in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, is well established as one of the leading auction houses in the country. Recently Hill Cross was selected as a main supplier of interior and exterior furnishings for their new space, The Garden Rooms.   The Garden Rooms is a stunning building, boasting balconies for al-fresco lunching and a feature foyer leading up to the ornately pillared stairwell. The thoughtful interior choices promote an ambience worthy of historic treasures. The rooms have enabled the... Read More

Bespoke reclaimed wood restaurant units

Many of the pieces we supply to Nando’s in the UK and UAE are hand crafted and built using reclaimed materials. Our bespoke joinery team have created some truly spectacular pieces over the last couple of years. One of the items which stands out was a host unit or ‘dumb waiter’ which was crafted for Nando’s Boldon branch earlier this year. It has proven so useful and robust that another, slightly larger version has been commissioned. Authentic materials and inspiration The units are strong and functional as well as a... Read More