Be edgy with unique table top edging

Digital- Edge by Dollken

One of the leading thermoplastic edgeband companies in the world, Dollken, have developed new technology to create individual digital edgebanding for table tops for the leisure industry.

Operators and designers can now specify any logo, image, message or graphic they want printed onto table top edgebanding. Table tops can now be as unique and individual as the venue – setting each vendor apart from their competition.

At present there are a few laminate companies who offer table top digital print solutions on the actual tops of tables but if you are working to a tight budget this can work out quite costly. Dollken’s new development is a relatively inexpensive solution in terms of offering you a completely bespoke table top solution.

Allowing individuality and personalisation, this space is also an additional tool for advertising where the branding possibilities are endless.

You can combine any digital edge with any laminate table top. And if you’re not feeling creative, it doesn’t matter, there is a library of digital edgebands to choose from covering a range of themes.

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