Hospitality Design Trends

For many businesses first impressions are key.  High-quality customer service is pivotal but in order to provide guests with a memorable yet positive experience, the interior design of the space needs to be considered too. Just as we approach decorating within our homes, design is vital in any commercial space; it allows the brand or business to inject its personality whilst providing an aesthetic yet impactful experience for visitors.

We’ve teamed up with CTD Architectural Tiles to discuss the hospitality trends taking the industry by storm:

Bring the beauty of the outdoors in

With the growing trend for biophillic design and an increasing importance being placed on sustainability, many business owners are looking at the ways they can bring the outside in through their interior schemes.

From stunning living walls that create a striking feature, to more subtle approaches such as nature-inspired design elements like earthy paint or lush green tiles, you can create a fresh and uplifting space that embodies the great outdoors.

Many hospitality venues are now opting for wooden floors. Eager to capture the beauty and essence of this unique, raw material – the inherent knots and natural grain is something to be desired by many designers, specifiers and architects. Yet wood is not always the most practical choice, especially in environments with heavy footfall, therefore we would recommend looking at alternatives.

CTD Architectural Tiles has a wide range of beautiful wood-effect tiles that offer all the visual characteristics of real wood but with all the practical qualities of a glazed porcelain tile. Recognised for its high shade variation and aged surface, Jungle will add texture and depth to any space. Furthermore, the innovative tile can be specified in two finishes, one with enhanced anti-slip properties, providing optimum peace of mind.

A pop of playful colour

The trend for vibrant colour is one seen across both residential and commercial applications with many businesses looking to make a bold statement within their interior. From bright and vibrant feature walls to bold and colourful furniture options – there are many ways to inject colour into your design scheme.

One theme we are beginning to see more of across commercial specification is colour blocking. Colour blocking is an effective way to add vibrancy to a large-open space without zoning too much into intricate details.

By opting for a limited colour palette throughout the design scheme, for example on a singular painted wall or as an upholstery option for furniture – you can easily uplift and enhance any space.

Furthermore, many brands are now realising the effects that different colourways can have on mental and physical wellbeing. Green for example provides balance and is an ideal choice for enhancing productivity whereas purple is seen to symbolise luxury, which is ideal for an up-market hospitality venue.

Personalisation and the desire for bespoke

There has definitely been an increase in the desire for bespoke, with many businesses looking for innovative and unique design solutions that will make their interior stand out.

Luxury banquette seating is key for most hospitality venues; it’s often used in reception rooms or in restaurants and bars to improve guest experience.

Hill Cross furniture offers a selection of bespoke options for banquette seating, to allow hospitality venues to find the perfect solution that will suit the exact curves and contours of the space. With a multitude of fabric options, designs and seating shapes available, by opting for a completely personalised design you can create a truly unique and on-trend space.

Trends are constantly changing, especially within the hospitality sector where aesthetics are key. We hope this post has inspired you to re-design your commercial space with on-trend products that exude modern style.

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Hospitality Design Trends
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