Marble Table Tops

Square Marble Table Top

Marble table tops have been around since the first tables, reserved for the kings, queens, emperors and pharaohs of the past; they can now be found along every high street taking prime position in restaurants, cafes and bars and there is good reason for this:

  • Marble may look expensive, but it’s relatively affordable in comparison to other natural stone (and over its lifespan)
  • Easy to clean, it’s a durable material and has a high level of resistance to scratching and chipping
  • Heat resistant properties mean marble is more resistant to damage when hot dishes are placed directly onto the surface
  • Marble has been used for a long time so its properties are fully understood, and it lasts a long time meaning you will have to replace your tables less.
  • Stylish material and always in demand
  • Connotations of luxury and quality not only in the UK, but around the world.

Commercial Use

While commonly used in residential property for kitchen and bathroom counter tops, commercial (or contract) marble is ideal suited for use as table tops in restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, bistros and for both internal and external spaces. They are available in many different grades, colours and styles. They can be fixed to most of our table bases and are supplied with a MDF plinth for ease of fixing (rather than drilling direct into the marble)

Selection of Marble Finishes

Arabescatto, Blanco, Carrara, Verde Rajistan and Emperador are just a few of the options with many more marble types available. Depending on your requirements we can provide different grains and patterns in the marble, some offering a more standard grain for uniformity across your project others with a more bold and random vein… allowing for truly unique pieces.

Marble table tops can be cut in a range of sizes and with different edging options including a classic bull nose or modern straight edge profile. Countersinking is also available, ideal for inset table numbers when needed, avoiding the need for things to be stuck onto the table.

Marble Edging options

Find out more about our table tops here:

Metal Edges

Brushed Metal edge around white marble table top

Add some class to your marble table tops by encasing the edges in a metal edging ring. These can be applied to both square and round marble table tops and give an added level of finish to your marble tops.

Brushed, polished, hammered, or powder coated to any RAL colour, the options are near endless and paired with the different marbles we have available you can create some truly stunning table tops. Stay classic with a white Carrara marble and polished brass edging ring, or try Verde Rajistan with a rose gold brushed edging ring for a more alternative look.

You can also add some definition with an edging ring, from classic flat, and rounded to ribbed designs there are a number of ring styles to add a bit of character to you tables, so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Round Marble Tops

Round Marble Table Top

By far the most popular, round table tops are in high demand. Available in a number of different circumferences to suit the needs of your venues, they add a level of elegance and have a timeless look. Pair them with rattan furniture for a classic look or with a modern metal framed chair for a more contemporary style.

Caring for your Marble Table Top

To ensure the longevity of your marble table tops, it is important to care for them correctly.

As a naturally porous material, strong coloured and acidic liquids like red wine, vinegar, coffee, and citrus juices can cut into and permanently mark the surface if left to soak in. Spillages need to be wiped up as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. Other important care instructions include:

  • Only clean with a mild detergent solution such as Fairy Liquid and remove any excess moisture.
  • Sanitising sprays are NOT recommended. Long term use of a sanitising spray will damage the lacquer/surface.
  • Polish, bleach or chlorine will also DAMAGE the lacquer/surface if they contain alcohol, ammonia and/or acids.
  • Silicone based polish is NOT recommended and will lead to a build up of silicone film altering the table top’s appearance.
  • Avoid dragging, scraping and cutting with sharp objects.
  • Protect your table tops from hot crockery with heat protecting place mats.

If you are in doubt about what cleaning products can be used on your Hill Cross Furniture marble table top, contact one of the team to discuss your options and we will advice where we can.

Whatever chair you pair with your table top, be sure to consider a NOROCK table base, our self-levelling tables bases that banish wobbly tables. Ideal for uneven surfaces such as cobbles, tiles, timber and stone slabs. Find out more here:

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Round Marble Table Top - Set

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