Poseur Tables

Poseur Table & Stools

Pronounced ‘Po-zur’, a poseur table is simply a taller table. Designed to be used whilst standing or in conjunction with bar stools to create an elevated seating arrangement.

They are commonly found in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bistros and offer somewhere for people to place their drinks while chatting and socialising. Often used in conference and event spaces they are ideal for creating a relaxed networking environment.

Available in many styles, materials and finishes, there is a poseur table to suit any style and environment.

Here we break down some of the styles, venues and design options available from Hill Cross Furniture:

Tall Bistro Tables

Table Bistro Table and 2 Folding Bistro Chairs

An alternative to the classic Parisian table, the tall bistro table is an elegant metal frame with solid metal top. Foldable and easy to store it is an ideal option for venues where outdoor space is restricted. Pair with the high bistro stool and it’s a combo that looks both elegant and vibrant when one of the vivid colour options is chosen.

Read more about Bistro tables here: http://www.hillcrossfurniture.co.uk/blog/bistro-tables/

Our tall bistro table can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a multitude of finish options available and can be used in conjunction with the full range of bistro products to achieve a true ‘bistro’ look.

See our tall bistro table here: https://www.hillcrossfurniture.co.uk/outdoor-c168/outdoor-tables-bases-c140/bistro-poseur-table-p22663

See the whole ‘bistro’ range here: https://www.hillcrossfurniture.co.uk/bistro-t2246

Tall Bar Tables / High Bar Tables

Tall Bar Table

Ideal (as the name states) for Bars and Pubs, Tall Bar Tables are designed for both standing and seated use. They are commonly found in both trendy bars and traditional pubs as they are the perfect surface for resting drinks whilst socialising, but can also be used as a table for ‘elevated’ dining when paired with a bar stool.

As with all our poseur tables, our high bar tables are available in numerous different styles: from central column or pedestal like the ones depicted, to 4 legged wooden options (like the ones below). We are sure you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for when choosing for your venue.

There are also side stacking models with flip tops for easy storage, perfect for outdoor spaces and limited space environments. They can even be used as function or event tables with a less formal atmosphere as they are ideally suited to sociable spaces.

Wooden Poseur Table

Wooden Poseur Table & Chairs

With wooden tables offering softer lines and warmth, they are a popular choice with venues trying to emulate that homely feel, a sense of class or even add luxury to a venue. They can be stained in different shades and have the option of being painted to any RAL colour.

Wood offers a variety of additional finishing options including CNC engraving, metal inlays, chevrons and other bespoke patterns which means the options are almost endless.

See some of our available finishes here: https://www.hillcrossfurniture.co.uk/special-finishes-i15431

With many different models to choose from including:

  • Central column based wooden poseur tables
  • Standard leg wooden poseur tables
  • Rectangular wooden poseur tables
  • Square wooden poseur tables
  • Round wooden poseur tables
  • Double wooden poseur tables

We are sure we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for, so give our sales team a call today on 01325 378307 to discuss your exact requirements and discuss your specifications today.

Poseur Table Bases

Poseur Bases with Marble table top

Along with complete poseur tables, you could also choose a poseur table base and table top to create your own unique combination.

This could be the perfect choice if you want all the tables in a venue to match, or you want something like a marble or bespoke table top. (Read more about marble table tops here: http://www.hillcrossfurniture.co.uk/blog/marble-table-tops/)

With models available for indoor and outdoor use, there are multiple designs to choose. From art deco styles and ornate cast iron designs, to modern conical shapes and single fixed supports, we have it all, and if you cannot find what you’re looking for on our website, talk to one of the team who will be able to find exactly what you need.

Use our bespoke table top service (find out more here: https://www.hillcrossfurniture.co.uk/table-tops-i15453) to create the perfect design for your project.

Close Shot of Bar Table

Things to consider

  • Size of top in comparison to stand
    • If your specifying a base and top, you need to consider the maximum tops size a base can take, these details are noted under the dimension tab on our product pages or if you are unsure, contact one of the team.
  • Indoor or Outdoor?
    • We spilt our products into categories of indoor and outdoor use, some cross between both but its important that if your planning on using a product outside that it is suitable for outdoor use.
  • Getting the right chair
    • Bar stools and high chairs can vary in height, so make sure you know the heights of each when specifying, or you could end up with a stool that’s too low or one that can not be tucked under the table.
  • Is the floor an even surface?
    • This is something that is often overlooked, but do you have wooden or flagged floors? These often have hills and troughs that would cause a table to wobble. Most tables come with adjustable feet, but its worth checking if this could be an issue.
    • NOROCK table bases offer the perfect solution to this and are self stabilising on uneven floors and are available as both dining height and poseur models – find out more here: https://www.hillcrossfurniture.co.uk/norock-i15443
  • Do the tables need to be stored away?
    • If they do, flip-top bases should be considered so you can store more in less space.

Hill Cross Furniture provides only the highest quality products from our trusted suppliers. We pride ourselves on the service we offer to our clients and are proud to have worked with some amazing brands and independent companies.

We have a large range of poseur tables listed on our website, but we can also source other designs if you are looking for something slightly different. Our sales team have the knowledge to offer advice on what might work and equally what will not. So speak to one of them today about our poseur table options and your specifications…

info@hillcrossfurniture.co.uk or call on 01325 378 307

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