Restaurant Maintenance – What are your options?

Keeping your venue in good nick can be a challenge. Furniture is subjected to a lot of use and with that comes wear and tear, and without even noticing it, your furniture is looking old and dated. Fabric and leathers can become stained, torn and even crack, looking unclean, untidy and uninviting.

Fixed seating faces the same wear and tear… its upholstery can sag and the fabric can pool, well-worn fillings and broken frames all adds up to an uncomfortable experience for your customer and can give your venue and unwanted vintage look.

So how can Hill Cross Furniture help…? Here are some of the options:

Fixed Seating

We can visit your venue and asses the repair work required to your fixed seating, this can include:

  • Re-upholstery work – this can range from single sections of fixed seating where we can re-cover seat cushions with matching fabrics when damage or pooling occurs, to re-upholstering all of the banquette seating in a venue – either to match the existing design or with band new fabric to give it a brand new look and feel.
  • Frame Repair – If a frame is damaged it may be possible for on-site repairs to the timber structure and to add additional strength
  • Banquette Replacement – If your fixed seating is beyond repair, then we can work with you to produce new fixed seating. We have a huge range of options available with many different styles to choose from, so you can replace with like for like, or take the opportunity to redesign to your current needs.

Furniture Repair

A ‘quick fix’ for refreshing your venue, and a more sustainable and cost-effective option to buying new, there are a few options when it comes to furniture repairs:

  • Re-staining/lacquering If your timber frames are looking a little dull and faded, then a simple option is to have the wood re-stained either to match existing furniture or in a brand-new colour.
  • Re-powder coated – Chipped and scratched metal frames can be very unsightly; powder coating can cover up scratches and is available in any RAL colour.
  • Re-upholstery – As with fixed seating, fabrics and leathers on loose furniture can be worn, stained, damaged and cracked, re-upholstering these can very quickly refresh any item of upholstered furniture and gives options to change the look with new fabric choices.
  • Table Top restoration – With solid timber table tops, it can be possible for these to be sanded down and trimmed (when thickness and material allows) to remove and minor damage, then retained to finish.

Replacement Furniture

The final option, when your furniture is beyond repair. Whether replacing individual chairs, a section of your venue, or everything in the space… Hill Cross Furniture will have the option that is right for you. A few examples of the options are available are:

To find out more about how Hill Cross Furniture can help you bring your venue a new lease of life, request a call back by clicking on the button below:

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