In this section you can build your own table tops in a few simple and easy steps. Guided by a star-rated system for each top, you can build your own top choosing everything from material, edge structure, edge shape, thickness, finish and size. If you're looking for a unique look why not take a look at our bespoke table top brochure and contact us to discuss your needs. Once your table is built, your request is sent to our dedicated sales team. Using your specifications, your table top is accurately quoted for and is often emailed to you within an hour. You can also send us multiple table top requests. We offer solid hardwood table tops, veneer table tops, laminate & compact laminate table tops, lino table tops, granite table tops and glass table tops.

We also offer a wide range of Werzalit table tops designed to withstand the harsh environment of the catering sector. Each table top is made to withstand the rigours of frequent use areas and can be finished to match any sample and we can create any table top to any size, shape and style so if you have a request please contact our sales team for assistance.

Table Tops
Solid Hardwood Table Tops
We manufacture table tops in virtually any wood available, Hardwood is very popular in the contract market
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Veneer Table Tops
Veneers are used as a cheaper alternative to solid wood. More exotic veneers can create stunning effects.
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Laminate & Compact Laminate Table Tops
We stock a vast range of Laminate table tops such as Formica, Polyrey, Abet, Egger, Woodlam and Oberflex.
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Lino Table Tops
Linoleum is practical, easily maintained & hardwearing, with a slightly softer feel to it than wood or laminate.
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Granite Table Tops
Granite are a very hardwearing natural stone.Tops are generally glued onto a fixing plate for added strength.
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Glass Table Tops
Glass tops are always tempered which means that they are extremely impact resitant from the top.
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At Hill Cross Furniture we also offer a wide range of Werzalit table tops which are designed to withstand the harsh environment of the catering industry. Werzalit tops have been designed to withstand wind, rain, scratches, hot cigarette ash, and even acidic spills.

A patented manufacturing process wraps a laminate surface around a wood-based core giving Werzalit tops a durable, smooth sealed surface and ultimately making them resistant to the effects of mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses, as well as easy to clean, and fulfilling the hygiene requirements for use in professional catering.


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