Solid Hardwood Table Tops

We manufacture table tops in virtually any wood available to any size, shape and thickness. Listed below are the six most popular hardwoods requested for the contract market including hotels, bistros, pubs, bars, clubs, cafes, conference centres, restaurants, casinos and cruise ships.


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Solid Hardwood Table Tops
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Solid Hardwood - Beech

Beech is by far our most popular solid hardwood top. Beech has quite a bland grain pattern and matches the beech of chairs frames (a great majority of chairs are made out of beech). Beech can be stained or lacquered to match any requested colour. We hold large stocks of beech tops for a quick turnaround.

Solid Hardwood - Ash

A very strong hardwood with a wild and varied grain, which creates a very attractive 'lively' top but no two tops are the same. Consideration should be made of this when lightly stained tops are to be used alongside each other in restaurants.

Solid Hardwood - Iroko

Its high natural oil content makes it ideally suited for outdoor situations. A plantation hardwood which we prefer to use rather than teak.

Solid Hardwood - Walnut

One of the most attractive hardwoods, walnut gives a feeling of warmth and luxury. Expensive but also very practical.

Solid Hardwood - Oak

Popular due to its attactive grain patterns. Oak can be equally suited to traditional and contemporary environments depending on how it is finished. Its open grain structure is also suitable for a limed finish.

Solid Hardwood - Mahogany

Expensive but beautiful wood which makes stunning table tops.

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