Veneer Table Tops

Standard veneers are often used as a cheaper alternative to solid wood. Veneer is thin slices of wood that are glued onto core panels, usually MDF. On the more exotic woods this reduces the price considerably. The added benefit of having a core of MDF is that the top is extremely stable and will not warp or bend in any way. Compared to a solid wood top, if a gouge has been taken out of it, it can be re-sanded and re-polished. Re-sanding and re-polishing are NOT usually an option with veneer. If the top surface of lacquer is broken and moisture enters, then this can cause the veneer to ‘de-laminate’ from the core and can cause unsightly bubbling of the veneer, therefore it is not recommended to use in very high wear areas. To help this some standard veneers such as ash and beech are available in extra thicknesses but this has a knock on effect with regards to pricing. More exotic veneers are widely used in the hotel sector and can create stunning effects.


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Veneer Table Tops
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Veneer - Ash Veneer

The most popular veneer with its wild grain pattern. An inferior product to solid ash but still widely used. The concern with all veneers is that if the lacquered finish is damaged then moisture can penetrate the veneer and cause it to 'lift' (ie debond from the MDF substrate). Its varied grain makes this probably the most popular veneer we supply.

Veneer - Oak Veneer

The particularly attractive open grain structure of oak is retained in the use of this wood in veneering.

Veneer - Beech Veneer

The second most popular veneer, often used with solid beech edging, especially on large tops. As we use so many solid beech tops the price difference is negligible with the solids being a much more durable in high wear areas. Quite a bland veneer with little variation in grain, but still popular. However the price of solid beech tops are very very competitive in comparison.

Veneer - Special Veneer

We are able to use virtually any veneer in the manufacture of table tops. We can offer inlays, cross branding, stringing and quartering. Shown here is a macassar veneered top.

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