Laminate Table Tops

The range of laminates we can use for table tops is vast. We work closely with the leading suppliers such as Formica, Polyrey, Abet, Egger, Woodlam and Oberflex, but we can source from many other suppliers.

Laminate table tops are widely used within the contract market due to their colour options, flexibility in design, price and durability.

In comparison to laminates, core laminates can be very expensive due to their extremely tough and hardwearing exterior - making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


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Laminate & Compact Laminate Table Tops
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Laminates - Real Wood

Real wood laminates are the Rolls Royce of laminates. Real wood veneer is bonded onto impregnated Kraft papers with a highly protective finish. Highly scratch, impact, stain and UV resistant. Often specified by designers for a high quality finish in hotel and upmarket restaurant work. More expensive than standard laminate but highly practical and realistic.

Laminates - Wood Effects

A high pressure laminate created using metal foils to produce highly desirable and tactile laminate surfaces. Combines the texture and colour of real metals with the hardwearing, light and flexible properties of a laminate.

Laminates - Colour

Available at very good prices and in a wide spectrum of colours are available.

Laminates - Black Core

Extremely tough and practical for contract table tops and can be used both outdoors and indoors. Usually supplied in 12mm thickness and can be finished with any laminate on the top surface.

Laminates - White Core

White compact laminate is extremely hard-wearing, incredibly difficult to scratch or chip and is usually supplied in 12mm thickness making it look very clean and contemporary. The tops are non-porous so will not be stained by red wine or other liquids that can cause problems with other tops, for example Carrara marble.

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