Bespoke Banquette Seating

Fixed seating provides comfort for customers and creates a unique identity for the venue. Booths, banquettes and benches are usually made to fit the curves and contours of the building and help create a natural ambience where the furniture is literally embedded into the venue. Deep seated, high backed upholstery is a welcoming sight to any visitor and offers privacy and true comfort.

Banquette and booth choices also tend to uniquely balance the visual aesthetics of a scheme - colourful blocks can cheer the eye-line in perhaps an otherwise functionary room, or they can offer reassurance and a trusting physical presence in an otherwise chaotic and mobile environment. 

The quality of Hill Cross Furniture's fixed seating is undeniable, always constructed using robust commercial grade frames and high grade foams and fabrics they are made to last.

Quilted Banquette

Standard Metal Frame Bench

Square Buttoned Banquette

Deep Fluted Banquette

Plain Seat & Back Banquette

Deep Buttoned Banquette

Pulled Quilt Banquette

Deep Buttoned Flutes Banquette

Feature Stitching Banquette

Booth Banquettes

Cork Outer Back Finish

Bespoke Metal Frame

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