How to choose the right size of table…?

It is important before choosing the size of your restaurant tables, that you take into consideration table height, customer size, seat numbers and the area between the tables.  The following factors will help you choose the correct table sizes for your restaurant.

Restaurant table height:

This plays an important part in your decision making. You must be extremely careful to choose restaurant tables at the right height – dining height as standard is 750mm. Anything below this (650mm) is classed as bar height and can often be too casual especially if you have a fine dining establishment. A standard height 750mm restaurant table comfortably accommodates standard seat height side chairs (470mm).

How many covers can your restaurant seat?

In order to choose the right amount of restaurant tables you require, you need to decide how many customers you can serve, based specifically on the area size of your restaurant. It is recommended that each person requires about 600mm in width with at least one person’s width between each diner. For smaller more informal restaurants these widths can be reduced and at the opposite end of the restaurant market, these widths can be increased, specifically fine dining restaurants. For example, a standard 750mm square restaurant table top or round restaurant table top will fit two diners comfortably within a formal dining restaurant however, for two diners seated within a casual restaurant the recommended table top size is either a 600mm round or 600mm square restaurant table top.


Last but not least, you need to seriously consider the amount of space you need between each restaurant table. As a rule of thumb you should leave at least 700-800mm of space from the restaurant table to walls and other tables on each side to enable customers to push their chair away from the table and to easily get up. You must consider having a hassle free flow of people, especially for serving staff; you do not want staff bumping into customers every time they pass, as this makes for a very unpleasant dining experience. Flow patterns play a vital role in how smoothly your restaurant will run.

Remember, choosing the right size of restaurant table and arranging them is more of an art than a science, so try a few different arrangements on a paper floor plan before attempting the real thing. It’s a lot easier moving a paper restaurant table than a real one!

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