Real vs Faux Leather

Deciding which fabric to use for you bespoke seating can be a really difficult task, especially since there's such a wide range to choose from. The decision between real or faux leather is probably the hardest to make, that's why we have created this blog post to help you understand the pros and cons of each and to hopefully make your decision a little easier.


Benefits of stacking chairs

Stacking chairs have a number of great benefits... including easy storage, and flexibility when re-arranging venues... they are available for internal & external use and come in a huge range of styles... read on for more:


How to choose the right size of table…?

It is important before choosing the size of your restaurant tables, that you take into consideration table height, customer size, seat numbers and the area between the tables. The following factors will help you choose the correct table sizes for your restaurant.


Table Bases – What are your options?

When looking at contract tables you’re often faced with two options… Complete table units and table bases. Most commercial designers opt for table bases with a separate table base as this allows for more control over the design and finish so that everything ties into their design. Here we look at table bases in more depth, the options available and how they can be used to create stunning spaces. Table bases can accommodate various size tops to seat 2, 4, 6 and more people dependant on your venues needs and... Read More

Round Marble Table Top - Set 17/04/2019

Marble Table Tops

Marble table tops have been around since the first tables, reserved for the kings, queens, emperors and pharaohs of the past; they can now be found along every high street taking prime position in restaurants, cafes and bars and there is good reason for this: Marble may look expensive, but it’s relatively affordable in comparison to other natural stone (and over its lifespan) Easy to clean, it’s a durable material and has a high level of resistance to scratching and chipping Heat resistant properties mean marble is more resistant to... Read More