Discover the true value of feature chairs

We know for busy hospitality professionals managing a new project, furniture and interior decisions are made by balancing the benefits of functionality and style; however this balance can be swayed, or even damaged, by the constraints of budget and space. And therefore stylish choices such as feature chairs, which are large and often requiring a certain level of investment, can be pushed out of interior projects. Here we discuss why feature chairs hold their value in terms of style and substance and why their true value should not be overlooked.

A focal point

Large arm chairs, are based on traditional homely designs, with tall, deeply upholstered supportive backs and seats, often having subtle details such as studding, buttons or feature stitching to add a sincere touch of luxury. The detail and level of comfort of these chairs does not go unnoticed by customers and can act as a draw for a venue. Used in windows, receptions and lounges the draw of their comfort can be almost seductive to prospective passing customers.

Contemporary contract feature chairs are unique and with large curves and a distinctive shape, they offer an aesthetic which draws the eye to their point in the room, offering a focal point to an otherwise functionary space. Many modern venues are at the mercy of the space they possess, with every corner and crevice needed to maximise the amount of covers to ensure a healthy turnover. Yet without a traditional focal point such as a fire place or window bay, venues can seem lifeless and too overtly commercial.

Nandos is a great example of a restaurant chain which has injected true personality into their venues in order to dampen the commercial feel of the space, every restaurant is designed uniquely with bespoke, highly intricate furniture being designed and made for every venue.

A stylish contrast

Feature chairs too can offer a point of contrast for other furnishings. A great example is the Garden Rooms, at the prestigious Tennant’s auctioneers in Leyburn, North Yorkshire. Here industrial themed dining seating was used for the main eating space and sumptuous Duke’s were selected for the lounge areas with subtle, warming fabrics. The result is a truly modern aesthetic and one which is as functional as it is comfortable.

A change in tempo for the colour palette of an interior can be another benefit to select a feature chair. In an otherwise uniformed palette they can bring a subtle sense of freedom of choice. 

Lastly, let’s not forget that although a feature chair can be used as a focal point and contrast for style and colour it is a functional chair, so does in fact hold a practical purpose!

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