Foam Alternatives… The Hill Cross Solution

Nandos Cambridge, our first fully sustainable project
Nandos Cambridge – Our first sustainable project

Sustainable Contract Furniture

At Hill Cross Furniture we are big on sustainability and are committed on our journey to be a fully sustainable contract furniture supplier.

This involves many aspects, starting with us as a team and our working environment. We have already made massive steps to get us moving… including sending no waste to landfill and having the whole office powered and heated by sustainable resources.

We are working closely with our suppliers to find new and exciting materials, including sustainably sourced timber for chairs and tables, water based stains/lacquers and metal with high recycled content percentage. We also work with Fabrics houses that produce products using natural materials such as flax, hemp and wool along with recycled materials like plastic bottles and Leathers from low carbon suppliers.

Chairs made from sustainability sourced timber

The Issue with Foam

Most contract upholstery uses polyurethane foam for padding and comfort. The problem with polyurethane form is that it’s a by-product petroleum and is not recyclable… meaning that when its reached the end of its life it ends up on landfill and takes thousands of years to degrade. Its production derives from non-renewable resources and toxic chemicals like are released into the atmosphere.

Gas mask, showing toxic particles given off in foam production

Foam Alternative

In our mission to find a sustainable alternative to foam, we have been given exclusive access to unique Polythene foam that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

This product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it is fast draining and doesn’t hold water. It is bonded with a water based adhesive, which means when the furniture reaches the end of its life, it can be stripped down and the foam can be 100% recycled into other plastic products or even back into new foam, creating a full circle product.

We are so excited about this product, and the great thing is that its cost is comparable to standard polyurethane foam so it won’t cost the earth like other sustainable foam options.

Plastic bottle in the ocean

Other Options

With a huge range of options available for sustainable fillings, such as natural latex, horse hair, bamboo and coconut fibres, we are confident the right product is available for your project.

All materials are sourced from trusted suppliers whose focus is sustainability and meet our own internal standards.

Your Next Steps…

Get in touch with one of the team and talk to us to find out how this product can be incorporated into your fixed seating and projects… call us today on 01325 378307 or EMAIL US

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