Hill Cross New Office – Building Works Continue


Work is continuing apace on the new Hill Cross office space. The conversion of the former barn on site, which began in December 2010 will provide a large open plan office space in a light and airy environment packed with a fully upgraded 21C network.

Since our first post about the new office we have seen the building work commencing at great speed.

So far:

  • The floor insulation has been laid, ready for the Cat6 and electrical outlets to be installed
  • Timber frame has been installed
  • Suspended ceiling has been installed allowing for ducting, electrical and other services to be added later
  • The new reception and entrance hall has been secured and a timber stud frame erected
  • New double glazed windows and doors have been installed along with a new ventilation system

This week, the main services have started to go in. To ‘future proof’ the business we are investing in a state of the art 21C internal network and having new phone lines installed so Hill Cross can continue to run as efficiently as possible as we get busier and expand.

A new ventilation system is being built to create a clean working environment with constant circulated air throughout the new office. It will allow for the office to be constantly cool for staff and visitors in hotter months, and cosy in colder months. A perfect solution for combating the North Yorkshire weather!

We expect the new lighting, heating and ceiling tiles to go in next week, followed by the floor after that.

Hill Cross’ expansion and continued success reflects the continuing need from the hospitality sector for a good quality supplier of contract furniture as well as reflecting the significant growth experienced by Hill Cross since its inception in 2000. The team has almost doubled during 2009 and the new office space will provide the ideal base for significant expansion during 2011.

Due to be completed by Feb 2011 we will keep you posted on the barn conversion and post regular updates and pictures to keep you up to date!

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