Sustainable Contract Furniture has Arrived

We’re familiar with the scary statistics on global warming, endangered species and have heard or seen people such as David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg raising awareness.

The UK alone produces over 100 million tonnes of waste annually and this is increasing by around three per cent each year. The food industry accounts for almost 3.5 million tonnes of waste – scary.

Hospitality is a major cause for concern on the food waste front with the industry responsible for over 500,000 tonnes (nearly a billion plates) every single year; hotels produce 79,000 tonnes, pubs 173,000 tonnes and restaurants 199,100 tonnes.

So, what can we change?

Here at Hill Cross Furniture, we’re conscious of our carbon footprint. We make changes wherever we can to minimise our impact, even down to the toilet rolls that we use in our office facilities. We’re proud to have achieved ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ and have our own source of sustainable power generated by our solar array and biomass boilers that power and heat to our premises.

While we might not be able to change a vast amount on the food waste front, what we can do is help our customers to reduce their footprint in other ways with our sustainable furniture offering.

Made using responsibly sourced materials and with access to alternatives to animal byproducts such as leather, this range of eco-friendly and ethical furniture is perfect for socially conscious businesses. We’ve worked with a vegan cafe for example, providing a range of products that met the company’s ethical code without compromising on quality

In addition to recycled and eco materials, we’ve sourced sustainable stains and lacquers, ensuring that we can achieve the perfect finish without loss of style. Coupled with our exclusive access to a foam alternative made entirely from 100% recycled plastic bottles, we have everything an interior designer, contract or venue owner needs to source contract furniture – that doesn’t cost the Earth.

As with all things, furniture doesn’t last forever, so our team has worked to ensure that this sustainable furniture range causes the least possible impact during manufacture and at the end of its life, too. From full circle products to those made while incurring the fewest road miles possible, every action adds up to reducing environmental impact.

And finally, we have recently launched our Vintage range; giving a second life to products that would otherwise be sent to landfill. The collection consists of pre-loved, second-hand, and sample stock furniture that has come to the end of use in its current venue, but could have new purpose elsewhere. It can also be re-finished with new upholstery, re-staining and powder coating to give it a new lease of life!

We’re determined to do all we can to support protecting the environment, and to help our customers do the same. As part of our commitment to this, we are proud to partner with the Sustainable Restaurant Association which is dedicated to creating a sustainable food-service industry for people and planet. Hill Cross Furniture is the only sustainable contract furniture supplier on the ‘trusted suppliers’ list.

If you have a query relating to any aspect of sustainable contract furniture, contact Hill Cross Furniture’s expert team and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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