The benefits of single-source Contract Furniture

When designers and project managers are looking for contract furniture for a venue, they’re placing a huge amount of trust in the company they select. The process of looking for furniture for a pub, restaurant, office or other commercial space is typically lengthy; there’s a lot to take into consideration and often, large budgets are involved.

Sourcing from multiple suppliers might seem like a great idea since you can select specialists in their fields who can work with you to create the perfect look. But there are plenty of downsides to this too – multiple delivery dates and processes, additional delivery costs and installation charges, lots of extra admin and various other headaches.

A single-source supplier can streamline the process to ensure that your job is made much easier, without compromising on quality. It also fosters an environment in which a strong working relationship can be formed, building reassurance and making for a better experience for the designer or project manager overall.

Working with one single supplier means you have one main point of contact who will see the project through from start to finish. One quote, one design and approvals stage, one delivery and install date, and all with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with a tried and tested expert in the contract furniture field.

Here at Hill Cross Furniture we pride ourselves on providing a single solution as a contract furniture company. Our team can work with you to provide any and every piece of furniture you could need to make a venue look absolutely stunning, from sleek and modern to rustic, leather to fabric, even vegan-friendly and sustainable furniture.

Our team boasts a vast array of experience and over the last 20 years has amassed a considerable amount of technical and product knowledge, leaving us perfectly placed to answer your questions and design a solution that works for you. We know that every venue is different and faces different challenges from a furniture perspective, so we’ll ask the right questions to recommend the perfect products.

Our team of Project Managers

What’s more, our team project manages the entire process for you, providing a timeline of events that will take place leading up to the day that we deliver and install your furniture. Delivery is carried out by an experienced team who will provide room placement and packaging removal as standard – another thing to tick off your list!

In addition to sourcing specific high quality furniture, we design and supply bespoke items too, such as banquette / restaurant booth seating. This enables a venue to really make its mark and have its identity running throughout every aspect of the business – from letterheads and menus to chairs, foot stools and table tops.

If you have a query relating to any aspect of contract furniture, contact Hill Cross Furniture’s expert team and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

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