Top 10 Biggest Banquette Seating Mistakes

Banquette Seating

What are the most common mistakes when it comes to designing banquette seating… Download our guide here.

Mistake 1: Incorrect Location

• Flow is affected greatly if seating wrongly positioned.
• NEVER hinder the flow to the toilets, entrances and fire escapes, as well as flow to kitchen doors.
• Remember banquettes which are fixed cannot be moved once installed!
• Use wooden or metal feet NOT PLINTHS if they are required to be movable.
• Movable seating can be moved to screen off a particular area and break up the space.
• Designers should produce a scaled plan of the banquette seating prior to manufacture which should include all the required chairs and tables.

Mistake 2: Incorrect Material

• NEVER choose Dry Clean Only cloth fabrics. If stained they are difficult, if not impossible to clean.
• Some of the older ranges of vinyl’s, like Bolteflex, we find very tough but also very stiff and has an unattractive plastic feel however, are appropriate for retro-styled American themed dining booths.
• Beware – caution should be taken when specifying white or light cream faux leathers as some can become stained from over-dyed jeans.
• Real leather is still very popular however bear in mind that banquette seating requires a lot of fabric so using it really pushes the overall price up.
• You must also be aware that real leather can stretch when banquette seats are upholstered. This is usually evident in the seat covers becoming loose and slightly wrinkled after a few weeks / months of wear. An upholsterer needs to visit the site if this problem occurs to shorten the length of leather over the seat cushions in order to stop the problem – this usually only needs to be carried out once.
• Leather with a waxed finish is not really appropriate for banquette seating as it can easily become scratched and look tatty within a matter of weeks.

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