The Ideal Solution

NOROCK table bases offer hospitality venues the ideal solution to the age old problem of 'wobbly' tables. Available in a number of finishes and design the bases can be paired with any standard or bespoke hill cross table top to create a table that not only fits seamlessly into your design vision, but gives your customers comfort without compromise.

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An unrivalled solution to table instability

Hill Cross Furniture are proud to be the UK Distributors of NOROCK. Designed to meet the everyday needs of cafes, bars, bistros and restaurants, the NOROCK table bases self-stabilise on uneven indoor and alfresco surfaces, while exhibiting an innovative and contemporary design aesthetic.

Key features include:

- Self-stabilises on uneven surfaces.

- Set up in less than 10 seconds.

- Fully functional after 7 years equivalent simulated use.

- Innovative and contemporary design.

The Products

NOROCK Lunar - Product Shot


The NOROCK Luna presents all the self-stabilising technology within the well designed, unique disc shaped base. The prototype is completed, currently under review for pricing manufacturing costs.

NOROCK Esplanade - Product Shot


Classic and architectural, the NOROCK ‘Esplanade’ table base exemplifies a prestige. Elegant, established and confident, the ‘Esplanade’ is suited to the sophisticated dining experience.

NOROCK Parkway - Product Shot


The NOROCK ‘Parkway’ table base captures an industrial rawness. Angular and architectural, the exposed components and minimalist design illustrates the elements – crafted, zinc-plated steel, exposed fasteners and a dichotomous simplicity.

NOROCK Terrace - Product Shot


The NOROCK ‘Terrace’ table base is designed for limited storage capacities. Functional and award-winning, the ‘Terrace’ hallmark is its iconic nesting feature.

NOROCK Trail - Product Shot


The NOROCK ‘Trail’ table base has a linear, clean design. Concealed components complement the robust construction and is ideal for use in any setting.

Parkway T-Base Product Shot

Parkway T-Base

The NOROCK ‘Parkway T-Base’ is designed to allow maximum access . With its twin base design, there is plenty of space for users legs and its perfect for wheelchair users too!

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