Sustainable Contract Furniture

At Hill Cross Furniture, we are serious about providing high quality sustainable furniture to the contract market place. From 100% sustainable banquette seating, to environmentally friendly finishes and materials.

We don’t just look at our supply chain to achieve our goal. Internally we are proud to have achieved ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ and have our own source of sustainable power generated by our solar array that helps provide power to our production departments.

We are confident that we can supply furniture that suits your sustainable specification so contact us today...

Sustainable Materials

Sustainably Sourced Timber

All timber used by our production departments are sourced from reliable UK suppliers, all FSC approved and we have the option to source ‘Grown in Britain’ timber to ensure we can provide the Chain of Custody from the timber supplier right through to the production of furniture.

Our trusted European furniture factories source timber from FSC or PEFC approved suppliers and can provide the Chain of Custody to accompany this.

We also have the option to work with reclaimed timber from various sources, sourced both locally and nationally depending on availability.


Smart Board & Eco Board

Smart Board is a flame retardant, moisture resistant OSB board that is produced from timber sourced solely form within the UK reducing the carbon footprint. It also contains Zero added formaldehyde, which contributes to healthier environments. Smart Board is a cost effective alternative to MDF and Ply boards.

Our banquettes are produced from Smart Board as standard

Eco-Boards are made from agricultural residues such as straw or reeds and are a healthy and ecological alternative to chipboard, MDF, OSB, and Plywood and also have the benefit of a negative carbon footprint...



Sustainable Stains & Lacquers

We offer a range of sustainable and eco-friendly finishing options for our timber products; these include but are not limited to:

  • Water based stains and lacquers
  • Low VOC options
  • EU Ecolabel Certification



Foam Alternatives

In our mission to find a sustainable alternative to foam, we have been given exclusive access to a Polythene foam that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. These bottles are turned into pellets, then stretched into fibres and finally those fibres are turned into the final foam product.

This product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it is fast draining and doesn’t hold water. It is bonded with a water based adhesive, which means when the furniture reaches the end of its life, it can be stripped down and the foam can be 100% recycled into other plastic products or even back into new foam, creating a full circle product.



Fabrics & Leathers

Working with forward thinking fabric houses such as Camira & Panaz which allows us to offer products that are upholstered in fabrics that are created using a range of materials, these include:

  • Renewable, natural & plant base materials (Nettles, Flax, Hemp)
  • Recycled Materials (Polyester, REPREVE - Plastic Bottles)
  • Natural Materials (Cotton, Silk, Wool)

We are proud to work with sustainable UK leather producers such as Muirhead, who create 100% UK sourced low carbon leather, all from trusted farms within a 300 mile radius.  All waste from production is processed at the onsite thermal energy plant and all output from this goes back into the factory. Fresh water comes from a local loch and water waste is treated onsite to remove production chemicals and reused in production.

Off cuts from previous projects and left over stock is all made available to new projects through a register allowing designers to reserve stock for projects they are working on and can be supplied at a lower cost.

E-leather takes unused leather and transforms it into a usable material in a clean manufacturing process that uses 90% less water and without the unfriendly adhesives that can be harmful to the environment.


Sustainable Faux Leather

Working with suppliers such as Sileather we can offer sustainable faux leathers manufactured from silicone. Utilising a non-solvent production method with no PVC or PU elements, Sileather is a much safer, and healthier alternative to other faux leathers.

This silicone leather is fully recyclable at the end of its contract life, meaning it doesn't need to be sent to landfill. 

A tough, durable option that can withstand heavy contract use, whilst serving the design needs of a venue without compromise.

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Other Materials

We are able to create stunning items of furniture using materials such as Silicastone and smile plastics that can be made from up-to 100% recycled materials, making it an ideal material for table tops and detail panelling. Contact us for more details.



Nandos Cambridge - Sustainable Case Study

We were delighted to be part of Nandos’ first 100% eco-friendly restaurant, a first for not only the UK but also the planet! Hill Cross Furniture supplied both the fitted and loose furniture. The banquette seating was manufactured using FSC timbers and fillings sourced from locally sourced sheep’s wool and coconut fibres. Loose furniture included chairs from the Load, Luna & Dixie ranges from refurbished stock all upholstered in sustainable fabrics. Table tops were bespoke items and featured a combination of wood, metal and printed designs.

All Fabrics used were made from natural materials such as nettles which are inherently CRIB 5 and leathers were reconstituted or stock remaining from other jobs all wood stains and varnishes were all water based and low VOC. All this helped the Nandos achieve RICS SKA Gold, the highest possible sustainable fit-out rating, creating a blue print for all sustainable restaurants going forward.

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