Table Bases – What are your options?

When looking at contract tables you’re often faced with two options… Complete table units and table bases. Most commercial designers opt for table bases with a separate table base as this allows for more control over the design and finish so that everything ties into their design. Here we look at table bases in more depth, the options available and how they can be used to create stunning spaces.

Table bases can accommodate various size tops to seat 2, 4, 6 and more people dependant on your venues needs and can be mixed for different seating options.

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With so many styles of tables bases available for the contract market there are plenty of options suitable for many different uses… and with many of the styles available in Dining Height, Coffee Table and Poseur versions:

  • Flip-top Table Base – allow for easier storage, as the top fold to a vertical position taking up a smaller footprint
  • Nesting Table Bases – when combined with flip-top functionality allows multiple tables to be stored away in minimum space. Perfect for event and outdoor spaces.
  • Pedestal Table Base / Pedestal Table Legs
  • Round Table Base – with round plinths, these can vary from simple modem styles to classic shaped columns, this style, along with the square bases are our most popular options
  • Square Table Base – as with the round table bases, these are  available in a huge range of styles and finishes and are
  • Twin Base – available in square, rectangular and oval – these allow for large tops to be added to accommodate more guests
  • Fixed / Permanent Table Bases – fixed to the floor to keep the table in position, they are ideal for networking spaces and bars (both internal and external)
  • Conical Table Bases – a statement piece that adds additional character to the table
  • Legs – with options for 3, 4 or more legs, leg bases offer something different to the standard central column table base.
  • Rising – becoming common in the workspace environment, these bases allow people to use the table/desk whilst both seated and standing and are available in manual, gas assisted and electric versions
  • MORE – these are just some of our most popular options but we have so many options available, including our bespoke service… contact us for more information.


Close Shot of Bar Table

Table bases are available in a number of different materials, like metal table bases or timber table bases, each with their own finishing options, offering you a huge scope of choice when it comes to design. When paired with your choice of table top, you can create something that fits seamlessly with your design. Some of the materials and the finished available are listed below:

  • Aluminium table bases – these can be powder coated, brushed, anodized or left with a ‘raw’ finish
  • Steel table bases – steel bases can be brushed, polished, & powder coated to achieve many different looks
  • Timber / Wood – with wood / timber you can have a natural look with a lacquer of stain, or go for a painted look to bring  colour into a venue
  • Cast Iron table base / cast iron table legs – a classic style mostly finished in black or coloured paint/powder coating
  • Concrete table base – a highly robust material, concrete table bases can be pained or left in there raw state to create a statement.

Indoor / Outdoor

Table bases are designed for indoor or outdoor use depending on what material and finish is used… it’s always worth checking what area a product is suitable for at the time of specification to ensure there are no issues when in use. This information can be found on our website or can be discussed with a member of the team

Materials that tend to be suitable for outdoor use are the likes of aluminium, teak and treated steel.

NOROCK Table Bases

Here at Hill Cross Furniture, we are proud to be sole UK suppliers of the NOROCK table bases, what we believe to some of the best restaurant table bases on the market. The self-stabilising functionality means that wobbly tables are a thing of the past as they automatically adjust to the floor to create a steady and level table.

As with all table bases, these can be paired with your choice of table top to match your specifications, and are available in a number of different models and finishes, including the new Lunar model.

What’s more, NOROCK tables are available to purchase direct from our website, and with short lead times, you could have new bases at your site within a week.

Table Tops & Fixings

All table bases come with some way to fix the table top securely. These are often a spider fixing plate, but can sometime be a square or circular fixing plate. These have holes for the required screws to fix the table tops.

When specifying a table top and base, it is important to consider how the base will be fixed to the table, if a stone or marble top are used, MDF plinths are often fixed to the marble to make it easier to attach the base, wooden tops normally include batons to prevent warping so consideration for the size of the fixing plate/spider is required.

All bases have a recommended weight limit and max table top size, which can be found in the product specs in our website or you can contact us to discuss.

In Summary

When specifying a table base it is important consider the following things:

  • Height – how will the table be used, and what furniture is it being used with? Dining, Poseur or Coffee?
  • Table Top – is the top compatible; is it within the max top size and weight limits?
  • Venue – will it be used indoors or outdoors? Is it suitable for the proposed environment?
  • Floor – is it a level floor? If not NOROCK bases are a perfect solution!
  • Storage – will the table need to be stored away at the end of service?
  • & Finally, Finish – how will the product look?

All our table bases can be found HERE and you can contact the team on 01325 378 307 to discuss your options.

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